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Aerial view of the Lodge at Sea Island, Georgia

The Lodge at Sea Island, Sea Island, Georgia · Ostergaard Acoustical Associates is proud to have been a member of the design team for the incomparable Lodge at Sea Island. The 40-room lodge was designed to look and feel as if it had been there for a century. Since its completion in 2001, the Lodge has received the coveted five star rating from the Mobil Travel Guide.Ostergaard Acoustical Associates provided consultation on guest room, restaurant, and special space finishes to promote acoustical comfort. Wall, ceiling, and floor constructions were selected to control both airborne and structure-borne noise transfer, and to provide privacy between guest rooms. HVAC system noise control features were engineered for quiet on both the interior and exterior. This was our second project at Sea Island.

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Restaurant and Dining Room Consultations:

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Raritan Yacht Club Dining Room Renovation, Perth Amboy, New Jersey · The dining room occupies a 1930 addition to the Cooper Mansion in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Prior to the renovation there were problems with patron noise interfering with conversations and unintelligible public address announcements especially following race nights and regattas. Based on a dining room analysis, OAA recommended new esthetically compatible finishes that controlled these problems.

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