Museum Acoustical Design

Museum acoustics

Mars Education Center, Fort Ticonderoga, New York

Mars Education Center, Fort Ticonderoga, New York · A LEED-certified “green” building designed by Tonetti Associates Architects P.C. is a faithful reconstruction of an 18th century military building outside, with a 21st century education center inside. The acoustically-challenging program called for tour guides to be able to address large groups of standing visitors without the need for a sound system. OAA responded with an acoustical design that is compatible with the architectural concept, while controlling reverberation and echo, plus HVAC noise control features that provide extraordinarily low background level for good hearing.

The Valentine Riverside Museum, Richmond, Virginia · The Valentine Riverside Museum is a restoration/interpretation of the historic Tredegar Iron Works. Tredegar products played a major role in the developments of railroads, city infrastructure and in the arming of the Confederacy during the Civil War. The site is an extension of the Valentine Museum in downtown Richmond. OAA provided comprehensive consulting services.

Museum acoustics

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington · The Museum, designed by Venturi Scott-Brown, occupies an urban setting that results in an internally complex vertical building containing an auditorium, classroom, meeting spaces, cafe and floors of galleries as well as service spaces. This presented OAA with many sound isolation challenges. Construction descriptions and special details were developed to assure that cafe sound, including footfall noise, is not heard in the auditorium. OAA also provided recommendations for auditorium shaping and finishes and advice on air handling system noise control to assure good hearing.

Susan B. Anthony House · The original stable behind this historic site was converted into a two story multi-purpose space. OAA carried out an acoustical analysis of the interior in order to identify architecturally compatible methods for controlling speech-blurring reverberation.

Cradle of Aviation Museum, Mitchell Field, Garden City, New York · Two historic hangars have been converted to exhibition space. OAA provided consultation on finishes to contain audio between exhibits, identified methods to sound-isolate mechanical rooms, and investigated noise and vibration control methods for HVAC Equipment.

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