Residential Project Acoustical Engineering


Developers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the need for acoustical control in multi-family residential projects.  OAA is currently assisting clients in achieving:

  • Sound isolation and impact noise control between and within units as well as controlling inbound noise from rooftop equipment and parking levels.
  • Control of building equipment noise within units such as elevators, trash chutes, and trash compactors.
  • Noise code compliance for rooftop and through-wall HVAC equipment.

Black Banks River Residences, Sea Island, Georgia · The residences are located in a flood plain with three levels of luxury apartments above an on-grade parking level.  OAA addressed the needs for sound isolation between units, within units, and from the parking level.  Also addressed were trash chute noise and HVAC noise control.  OAA identified project-compatible constructions capable of meeting acoustical performance goals and methods while optimizing the construction’s performance.

Residential Acoustics

Foxfield, Bethel Township, Pennsylvania (BartonPartners)

Foxfield, Bethel Township, Pennsylvania · Large clubhouse spaces, such as the Foxfield Great Room and Pool, are frequently noisy and acoustically uncomfortable to use.  OAA provided analyses and finish guidance for echo and reverberation control, resulting in user comfort.  NAHB 2007 Pyramid Award: Best Community Clubhouse.

To assure airborne sound isolation and impact noise control between condo units, OAA established numeric criteria based on the developer’s input, identified complying constructions, and provided guidance on detailing to assure effective isolation.

Garden State Lofts, Hoboken, New Jersey · A century old warehouse renovated and supplemented with additions to create the first green-certified multi-family residential building in New Jersey.  Included are 14 luxury lofts and 6 penthouses on 7 floors.  Awarded LEED Gold status by USGBC.

Southport Green, Southport, Connecticut · A mixed-use structure with office and residential condominium units.  Services related to the sound and vibration isolation of residential and office units from rooftop air conditioning equipment.  OAA’s evaluation resulted in upgrades to the construction and methods of vibration-isolating the equipment.

Residential Acoustics

Summit Place, Summit, New Jersey (BartonPartners)

Summit Place, Summit, New Jersey · 37 residential units, 22 con­do­min­iums, first level parking, 15 townhouses, and 24,200 ft2 office space.

Additional Multi-Family Residential

  • Bancroft Mills Apartments, Wilmington, Delaware
  • Black Banks River Residences, at the Cloister Hotel, Seal Island, Georgia
  • Chocolate Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Foxfield Condominiums, Bethal Township, Pennsylvania
  • Level Club Apartments, New York, New York
  • Museum Towers, New York, New York
  • Sloan House Extension, Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York, New York
  • Southport Green, Westport, Connecticut
  • Voorhees Town Center, Voorhees Township, New Jersey
  • Wireworks Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Woodward White Apartments, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Garden Street Lofts, Hoboken, New Jersey

Assisted Living Facilities

  • Medford Leas, Medford, New Jersey
  • Rossmoor, Monroe, New Jersey
  • St. John’s Meadow, Rochester, New York
  • The Highlands at Pittsford, Pittsford, New York
  • The Pines at Machias, Machias, New York
  • Applewood Estates, Freehold, New Jersey

Private Residences

  • Gordon Getty Apartment, New York, New York
  • John Gutfreund Residence, Riverhouse, New York, New York
  • Resnick Residence, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
  • Richard Kluge Residence, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Seward Johnson Residence, Princeton, New Jersey
  • Slack Residence, Peapack, New Jersey