Land Development

Bear Stearns, Whippany, New Jersey · Provided guidance, testimony, and recommendations concerning control of noise from cooling towers and other noise sources to the community to meet stringent local standards.
Bedminster Rural Properties, Bedminster, New Jersey · Presented rationale to Planning Board for commercial facility construction adjacent to interstate highway in rural New Jersey setting.
DuPont Chambers Works, Deepwater, New Jersey · Measured ambient sound environment and projected impact of additional facilities.
Franklin Hospital Parking Garage, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Carried out a noise impact analysis and provided testimony concerning noise expected from activity at a proposed hospital parking garage.
I-195 Air Rights Housing and Tunnel, Washington, District of Columbia · An air rights platform was provided over I-95 spur to support new low- and mid-rise housing.  OAA provided noise control solutions for quieting the eight 150 hp fans that ventilated the covered roadway.
Marcus Garvey Nursing Home, Queens County, New York · Conducted noise survey and specified noise mitigation to qualify for federal financing of senior housing facility.
Rockland County Recycling Center, Rockland County, New York · Specified noise control for a recycling facility to be located in a rural setting adjacent to several hiking trails, including a section of the Appalachian Trail.
The Seeing Eye, Morris Township, New Jersey · Analyzed existing and future sound emissions to evaluate potential community noise impact of dog barking sound and provided recommendations for noise control.  Testimony provided to local board.
Wakefern Food Corporation, Secaucus, New Jersey · Assisted with reduction of acoustical impact from parked trailer refrigeration unit noise affecting nearby residences including measurements, interfacing with owner of site, owner of equipment, regulators, the equipment manufacturer, and the community, to resolve problems.