Cogeneration Plant Acoustics

Coal unloading noise mitigation, Rocky Mount, North Carolina ·  A coal car shaker operation was planned for a railroad siding in close proximity to homes.  A “shed” of split-faced concrete masonry units with a thick layer of interior sound absorption was designed to enclose the shaker operation to redirect broad spectrum noise from the shaker operation to meet criteria in the neighborhood.

Coastal Refinery, West Deptford, New Jersey ·  Consulting to the Township, OAA reviewed plans and developer’s acoustical impact studies for a planned cogeneration facility and designed a proof-testing scheme for post-occupancy evaluation of compliance.

The College of New Jersey Power Plant, Ewing, New Jersey ·  A gas turbine with a heat recovery steam generator was planned for installation across the road from a college dormitory and several hundred feet from single family residences.  OAA specified supplemental enclosure of the turbine, noise control for the air supply and exhaust, as well as mitigation for roof-mounted radiators.  Sound levels from the plant did not raise the ambient level at the dormitory.

Connectiv, GT Cogeneration Plant, Bordentown, New Jersey ·  OAA developed a computer model of the proposed plant to assess compliance with the New Jersey Noise Code and to evaluate the impact of the emissions on nesting bald eagles.  The effect of several differences in meteorology on sound propagation was evaluated.  Noise mitigation was specified and testimony presented.

Cogeneration plant acoustics

Mecklenburg Cogeneration Plant, Clarksville, Virginia

Mecklenburg Cogeneration Plant, Clarksville, Virginia · A newly-constructed cogeneration plant radiated a strong tone to the surrounding town.  OAA was asked to investigate the cause and to recommend appropriate mitigation.  OAA identified that the induced draft fans were the primary cause of the noise.  By selecting appropriate materials, the tone was reduced from 58 dB to 26 dB at the rural location, 1200 feet from the plant.

SWS Silicone Corporation, Adrian, Michigan ·  An ambient noise survey was carried out prior to siting of facility and criteria for sound emissions were established.  Other tasks included analysis of expected site sound emissions and development and recommendation of needed noise control measures.

Gulfcoast Co-Gen, Manatee County, Florida ·  To achieve approval from the local municipality, the developer was required to achieve low noise emissions from a proposed cogeneration plant.  Proposed barriers needed to control emissions were large and long.  By modeling the site, OAA was able to optimize the extent of needed barriers.

Camden Clean Energy Project, Camden, New Jersey · OAA designed noise control for a liquefied coal cogeneration facility in urban setting of Camden, New Jersey.

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