Power Plants

400 MW Coal Fired Power Plant, Crown/Vista Energy Plant, West Deptford, New Jersey ·  As consultant to the municipality, OAA analyzed noise emissions from proposed power plant and recommended modifications for consideration by the developer.
500 MW Synthetic Gas Facility, Camden, New Jersey · OAA analyzed potential community noise levels in the residential area adjacent to proposed facility, and specified noise control techniques to reduce noise to achieve limits specified in the New Jersey Noise Regulation.

Bordentown, New Jersey, Power Plant — Noise Contour Maps

Proposed 660 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Bordentown, New Jersey · OAA developed a computer model of the proposed plant to assess compliance with the New Jersey Noise Code and to evaluate the impact of the emissions on nesting bald eagles.  The effects of several differences in meteorology on sound propagation were evaluated.  Noise mitigation was specified and testimony presented.

Flue Gas Desulfurization Plant, Ontario, Canada and Flue Gas Desulfurization, 250 MW Lamma Power Plant, Hong Kong ·  Prepared preliminary noise control specification for pollution control system for these power plants.
Moss Landing Units 6 and 7 ID Fan Noise Control, Moss Landing, California ·  Diagnosed complaints after re-start of units after add-on of new air pollution control equipment, and specified tuned silencers for ID fan systems.

Reliant/Sithe Atlantic Gas Turbine Peaking Plant, Colts Neck, New Jersey

Reliant/Sithe Atlantic Gas Turbine Peaking Plant, Colts Neck, New Jersey · Designed noise control for gas turbine generator in suburban area.  Presented testimony before planning board during approval hearings.

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