Industrial Noise Control

industrial noise control

Food Processing Plant, Bordentown, New Jersey

Food Processing Plant, Bordentown, New Jersey · Noise was overlooked in the design of a new ammonia refrigeration system for this food processing plant. When operational, the nearest residents strongly complained of noise from the system. The noise emanated primarily from a vertical array of air-cooled heat exchangers. Based on Ostergaard Acoustical Associates analysis and design, a 45-foot tall noise control barrier was installed. The barrier reduced the noise level by 15 dB, brought the plant into compliance with the New Jersey Noise Code, and allowed plant operations around-the-clock.

Baltimore Gas & Electric Company, Baltimore, Maryland · Surveyed steam boiler blowdown noise during commissioning of new power generation unit.
Capscan Cable, Adelphia, New Jersey · Evaluated noise sources and developed methods of noise exposure reduction for employees involved in manufacture of coaxial electrical cable.
EASTALCO Aluminum, Frederick, Maryland · Diagnosed noise sources and identified mitigation techniques to reduce employee noise exposure in an aluminum casting facility.
Lucent Technologies, Mount Olive, New Jersey · Noise control solutions were provided for this innovative facility that mixed research, engineering, and manufacturing within one high-bay space.
New York Daily News, Brooklyn, New York · Investigated cause of hearing loss claims of 900 delivery truck drivers.  Measured employee exposures and demonstrated that levels were insufficient to cause hearing loss.  Developed additional information to demonstrate fraudulent audiometric testing.  Presented testimony at Workers’ Compensation Board resulting in dismissal of claims, and subsequent litigation against physician, attorney, and workers involved in the fraud.
Ramset, Rolling Meadows, Illinois · Evaluated potential exposures of tool users and recommended mitigation to be used by manufacturer.
Sandy Alexander, Clifton, New Jersey · Multiple projects to control environmental sound emitted to nearby elevated houses overlooking facility rooftop.
TRW Aircraft, Thomasville, Georgia · Worked with A/E and owner to integrate sound control measures into new facility to reduce occupational noise exposure.