Municipal Water

ALCOSAN Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ·  Established criteria for allowable sound emissions from four large odor control fan systems serving Solids Handling, Headworks, Primary Settling, and Aeration Facilities, and assisted A/E team with selection and implementation of needed noise control measures.  Ultimate total air volume handled was 500,000 cfm using fans developing 9-to-17″; W.C. static pressure.

Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, Boston, Massachusetts · Assisted A/E for one portion of project with design of mitigation measures to meet stringent sound emission requirements agreed to by owner and imposed by community.

Elizabethtown Water Co., Nine Projects including Peapack, Edison, Hillsborough, and Plainfield, New Jersey · Assisted the owner and A/E team with control of sound emissions to the community from new and existing pump station equipment including emergency generators.

Wastewater Treatment Plants:  Ocean Township, New Jersey; Manheim, Pennsylvania; and Vernon, Connecticut · Evaluated existing and new noise sources associated with facilities including large compressors, drives for Archimedes screws, etc.  Assisted A/E team with control of sound emitted to the community and noise exposure of employees.

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