Emergency Generator

ADP, Florham Park, New Jersey ·  Evaluated candidate gen-sets in manufactured enclosures and provided specification to meet local and state noise regulations.
Emergency generator acoustics

AT&T Emergency Generator, New Brunswick, New Jersey

AT&T, New Brunswick, New Jersey ·  Vacant property adjacent to a telephone switching facility was developed with residences 40 feet from the facility emergency generator.  This resulted in an exceedance of the local noise code of 23 dB(A) during testing.  OAA designed mitigation for the gen-set for compliance with the noise code, achieving a reduction of 35 dB(A) and alleviating nighttime sleep interference.

Bell of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ·  Six emergency generators were planned for the roof of a parking structure adjacent to an academic building at Temple University.  OAA evaluated three alternate locations for compliance with the Philadelphia Noise Code and to assure acceptable Speech Interference Levels (SIL) in the academic building.  Mitigation was specified for engine exhaust, casing radiation, and combustion air inlets.
Chilton Hospital, Pompton Plains, New Jersey ·  Assisted A/E team with plans for new emergency generators located within prefabricated acoustical enclosures.
Infineum (Exxon-Mobil Research), Linden, New Jersey ·  Advised on acoustical requirements for purchase specifications to allow procurement and installation of gen-set in the vicinity of a future property line of commercial land uses.
NYC School Construction Authority ·   Engineering services concerning noise control solutions for compliance with the New York City Noise Code at numerous schools.
Pershing Data Center, Florham Park, New Jersey ·  Engineered noise control measures to contain noise of four 1250 kW gen-sets 80 feet from neighboring property line to meet stringent code limits.
Rhodia, Monroe, New Jersey ·  Established criteria for design/build installation of gen-set, provided testimony on sound emissions to obtain local approvals, assisted owner with enforcement of criteria.
Confidential Client, Northeast USA ·  Designed noise control for a data center incorporating sixteen 1.5 MW diesel generators located 100 feet from residences.  Noise control measures specified limited sound emissions to below 65 dB(A) with all units operating.