Land Use Planning

Freeborn and Peters, Chicago, Illinois, Paul Hybel, Esquire · Railroad noise and hearing issues.

Land use planningBedminster Rural Properties, Springfield, New Jersey · Assisted developer to evaluate rural acoustical environment in vicinity of interstate highway.  We demonstrated that noise levels on the property were marginally acceptable for federally subsidized housing and would not be attractive for five acre luxury development.  Presented evidence to planning board.

Exxon, Linden, New Jersey · Evaluated existing noise at the site of a proposed convenience store and at sites similar to the proposed project.  Demonstrated that there would be no adverse impact from the proposed use.

Mazza and Sons Tinton Falls Recycling Site, Tinton Falls, New Jersey · Designed noise mitigation for a solid waste recycling site to meet New Jersey noise limits. Prepared and presented testimony before planning board in support of same.

Two Bridges Site, Department of Housing Presentation and Development, New York, NY · Prepared site noise surveys of complex lower east side for HUD financing approval.  Designed noise mitigation into apartment building design to secure approval.

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