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Ostergaard Acoustical Associates provides architectural acoustics services to assure appropriate hearing conditions and the control of noise and vibration.

  • Site Noise Analysis – Control of site noise is critical for planning board approvals, compliance with noise codes, and user comfort. We provide: on-site acoustical measurements; documentation; expert testimony; and, we identify implications for building layout and construction.
  • Room Acoustics Design – Interior finish materials and placement significantly affect hearing conditions. For example, acoustical goals for an auditorium or conference room include natural voice reinforcement and appropriate reverberation, while quiet and privacy are the primary goals for offices. Ostergaard Acoustical Associates assists with criteria, analyses of critical spaces using state-of-the-art computer modeling techniques, and recommended solutions. We prepare specifications and details to describe recommendations. Testing is also available to evaluate these environments.
  • Sound System Design We provide sound system designs compatible with overall acoustical design, including specifications, contract drawings, checkout, and adjustments to assure effective results. Designs include ADA-compliant sound reinforcement and playback systems for auditoriums, communication systems, and masking sound systems to improve privacy in office areas.
  • Sound Isolating Construction It is necessary to control the travel of sound for privacy, good hearing, and acoustical comfort. We provide analyses to determine necessary acoustical performance of wall, ceiling, and floor constructions. Construction descriptions, specifications, details, and inspections are provided to assure effective sound isolation.
  • Mechanical System Noise and Vibration Control Noise from mechanical systems travels through ductwork as well as through walls and floors. We establish noise criteria for each space and prepare noise control guidelines to assist the mechanical engineers with their designs. We analyze developed mechanical designs using state-of-the-art software developed by Ostergaard Acoustical Associates and identify those mechanical design revisions necessary to assure that noise criteria are met. Recommendations are provided along with specification materials for noise control.