Konica Minolta, Ramsey, New Jersey

OAA consulted on the replacement of one generator with three new generators. Efforts included surveying existing generator sound emissions, analyses, and acoustical modelling. These efforts ensured that future generators would have equal or lower sound emissions than the existing unit, as well as achieve compliance with regulatory limits for noise.

Immunomedics, Morris Plains, New Jersey

Emergency Generator ProjectsOAA evaluated the selection of a pre-purchased generator planned for installation, developed a computer model of sound emissions, recommended an acoustical barrier to meet criteria, and made post-construction measurements to verify that the generator and acoustical barrier comply with project criteria. OAA also evaluated sound emissions from existing temporary and permanent generator installations, predicted sound levels at relevant receptor locations, and compared predictions with State and local regulatory limits for noise. Written reports confirm to the municipality that projects goals are met.

PSE&G Leonia Substation, Leonia, New Jersey

OAA assisted with the addition of an emergency generator to support an electrical substation. Various site constraints resulted in a requirement to locate the generator only 10 feet from the property line. To ensure regulatory compliance, a custom walk-in acoustical enclosure for the generator was specified, and a post-construction sound survey verified compliance.

New York City School Construction Authority, New York, New York

OAA routinely provides consultations regarding emergency generators serving New York City public schools. Considerations include interior or exterior generator location, acoustical criteria for selection, type of enclosure, and vibration isolation. OAA considers noise to off-site residential buildings, listeners on sidewalks or other public rights-of-way, and classroom sound levels.

Net Access, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

OAA assisted the A/E team with plans for new emergency generators located within a building. Analyses were provided to evaluate generator sound outdoors for regulatory compliance. OAA developed recommendations for exhaust silencers, acoustical louvers/silencers, and acoustical treatment to the generator room to ensure minimal acoustical impact at nearby receptors.