Ostergaard Acoustical Associates provides environmental acoustics services to assure appropriate acoustical conditions for on-site and off-site noise receptors.

Environmental Noise — The objective of environmental noise control is control of outdoor noise. Ostergaard Acoustical Associates conducts community noise surveys and noise exposure studies for existing or proposed land uses, prepares environmental impact statements concerning noise exposure, assists with the development of noise legislation or zoning codes, and develops methods to reduce environmental noise. Calibrated acoustical instrumentation is often used to conduct short-term and long-term quantification of existing and post-construction acoustical environments and site sound emissions. Sources of concern typically involve heavy trucks and other vehicles, HVAC equipment, electrical transformers, and emergency generators.
Industrial Noise Control — OAA consults to industrial clients to reduce noise radiated to the community as well as to the hearing zones of employees. After gaining an understanding of the mechanisms and individual sources producing excess sound, preference is given to noise control techniques that reduce noise production. Alternatively, methods are identified to reduce sound travel along the path between the noise source and receiver. Specifications for noise control hardware, such as acoustical barriers or silencers, are developed as needed. Acoustical measurements and modeling are important tools used by OAA for assessing the strength of noise sources, understanding how multiple sources sum at the receiver, and evaluating the effectiveness of installed noise control measures.
Vibration Control — Noise control often involves reduction of vibration carried through the ground or through structures. Such control may involve isolation of sensitive structures from vibration sources or modification of the structure itself by changing stiffness. Establishing criteria for acceptable structure-borne noise or vibration levels requires knowledge of the structure and the equipment it supports. We provide measurement of on-site vibration, establish vibration criteria, analyze the potential impact of vibration, and develop conceptual details to successfully provide needed isolation.
Scientific Counsel — We provide scientific counsel to the legal profession in building acoustics, environmental acoustics, and industrial noise.

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HVAC Noise Control Projects

Hudson Yards Subway Station, Manhattan, New York 2

No. 7 Subway Line Extension, Manhattan, New York

Bayonne Bridge Navigational Clearance Project, Route 440, New York/New Jersey

Development of new Train Horn Test Standard, Metro-North Railroad

Truck and Other Vehicle Noise Analyses, Nationwide

Public Service Electric and Gas, Newark, New Jersey

Immunomedics, Morris Plains, New Jersey

3D Acoustical modeling without barrier

3D Acoustical Modeling with barrier