The Presbyterian Church of Morristown, Morristown, New Jersey

Religious Facility ConsultationsOAA assisted with an extensive chancel expansion and sound system overhaul for this church to support its broad music program. The raised chancel can now comfortably fit a 100-voice choir or a smaller choir with a large orchestra. Care was taken to maintain the overall reverberation in the sanctuary, preserve organ acoustics, and determine the optimum location of re-used and new speech amplification loudspeakers in conjunction with the renovated chancel geometry.

Christian Hope Center Church, Painted Post, New York

OAA assisted with the room acoustics and sound system design of this contemporary worship space. Recommendations to mitigate flutter echo and improve natural sound reinforcement were developed. Although the sound design was addressed by others, OAA assisted with the design of an under-stage enclosure for dual subwoofers.

The Presbyterian Church of Westfield, Westfield, New Jersey

OAA provided acoustical consultation for the sanctuary renovation of the historic Westfield Presbyterian Church. The sanctuary is used for worship as well as by the Westfield Symphony Orchestra.

Consultation included:

  • Acoustical guidance on modifications to the chancel to reduce an imbalance in organ levels between the nave and chancel.
  • Design of audio-visual systems for sound reinforcement of speech and the ability to make archival audio and video recordings.
  • Sound isolation, noise control, and vibration control guidance for the addition of an air conditioning system with a new mechanical room in the attic above the sanctuary.

To quote the Star-Ledger concerning a Westfield Symphony concert in the renovated sanctuary:

…the passionate playing, the sharp contrasts, the bold statements followed by silences were lots of fun and made doubly exciting by the smallish size and lively acoustics of the Westfield venue… And the excitement lent to the proceedings by the hall added equally to the success of the symphony…”