Acoustical consultation is very important for multi-family residential projects. Vertical and horizontal airborne and impact sound isolation between dwelling units is a significant concern, especially because code-minimum construction often results in post-construction occupant complaints. Determining where upgraded construction is needed for high-end / luxury construction is prudent in order to address not only the direct paths of sound transmission but also flanking paths that require attention. OAA also assists with:

  • Inbound noise from rooftop equipment and parking levels.
  • Building equipment noise such as elevators, trash chutes, and trash compactors.
  • Noise code compliance for rooftop and through-wall HVAC equipment.
  • Sound absorption and acoustical comfort within large-group spaces such as lobbies, atrium, events spaces, and fitness centers.

Ostergaard Acoustical Associates also occasionally consults on private residences. Concerns include exposure to environmental noise, sound isolation to adjacent spaces, and acoustical conditions within rooms.

The Heritage at Claremont, Bernardsville, New Jersey

This project involved a unique conversion of a church parish hall to luxury condominiums, as well as the construction of adjacent new condominiums. Residences above on-grade parking necessitated that OAA address critical sound isolation needs between units as well as from the parking level.

Black Banks River Residences, Sea Island, Georgia

The residences are located in a flood plain with three levels of luxury apartments above an on-grade parking level. OAA addressed the need for sound isolation between units, within units, and from the parking level. Also addressed were trash chute noise and HVAC noise control. OAA identified project-compatible constructions capable of meeting acoustical performance goals and methods while optimizing the construction’s performance.

Epstein Redevelopment, Morristown, New Jersey

The project comprises a 7-story condominium building facing Morristown Green, as well as an adjacent 7-story apartment building on Market Street. OAA consulted on sound isolation between and within condo units, as well as noise code compliance for rooftop HVAC equipment on both buildings.


  • Frazier-Beckwith Residence, Glen Ridge, New Jersey
  • Hughes Residence, Garrison, New York
  • Zhang Residence, Millburn, New Jersey
  • Cozzarelli Residence, Spring Lake, New Jersey
  • Haklar Residence, Edison, New Jersey
  • Sutton Residence, Deal, New Jersey
  • Yagoda Residence, Manhattan, New York
  • Chera Residence, Brooklyn, New York